NCA Legislative News

March 27, 2019



To all Doctors in Nevada, The NCA’s first bill will be heard on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 Senate Commerce and Labor Committee at 1:30 p.m. in Carson City. This bill is dubbed the “silent PPO” Bill 

Senate Bill 365 sponsored by the NCA is a bill to protect all health care providers who administered treatment care/services to patients with Insurance coverage. The bill’s language is to “protect health care providers from having any previous contract they have signed” be leased to, sold or rented to a third-party administrator that will use that contract to reduce your bill for services. The most egregious usage of this tactic is automobile medical payments, workmen’s compensation, Permanent Partial Disability examinations and health care/union entities.

It is to further advise that all contracts be presented in the beginning to the provider, with respect to discounting fees, so we know first hand rather than find out after the fact.

Please send an email of support to the following committee members:

  1. Pat Spearman- Chair


You may also testify via tele conference at the Sawyer Building, 555 E. Washington Avenue #5100 Las Vegas, NV 89101 or in person in Carson City.

 This is a good bill for all health care providers in Nevada. Please help us get this passed.

 Additionally, the NCA would appreciate any and all financial donations to off set our on-going legislative costs. Please donate today.

Respectfully Marcia Tinberg D.C

President of the Nevada Chiropractic Association