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2017 Accomplishments:

  • Two CA review seminars conducted in February and August in Las Vegas to assist CA applicants for their certification examinations. We have provided review sessions for the past ten years. Several years we have conducted such a review in Reno. We will continue to do so in the near future.
  • In March Las Vegas we conducted an ICD-10 seminar with Mario Fucinari, DC, a coding specialist.
  • We conducted the final Five Orthopedic Diplomate modules in conjunction with the University of Bridgeport, Conn. These seminars concluded the ten required modules totaling 100 didactic hours for the Orthopedic Program. We are uncertain at this time if the University of Bridgeport wants to continue the program in Las Vegas. We had attendees from Las Vegas, California, Utah, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Florida attend. Bridgeport felt it was successfully run.
  • The annual Seminar was held in Reno this past October and was well attended. The topics were active low tech rehabilitation techniques and protocol and First and Second day office protocol for new patients. We had a significant number of CA’s attend. We also had lively discussions regarding our participation in the NCA with our lobbyist. Ms. Marlene Lockard.
  • The NCA participated in the CPBN’s workshop sessions and actively argued against several regulatory changes regarding requirements for “Consent to treat”, and “Intent to treat” record keeping and disclosure(s). These proposed changes would have greatly hampered our interaction with patient care. In the end the CPBN dropped all of those recommendations at their last workshop. Other than the NCA, there is no other watch dog person(s) monitoring our Licensing Board.
  • The NCA has attended the monthly meetings of the Nevada Justice Association participating in discussions that may influence our chiropractors. The one area that constantly surfaces is the Permanent Partial Disability evaluation/system regulated by the Division of Industrial Relations. Additionally, we constantly discuss possible Bills for the 2019 Legislative session which may impact our profession.
  • The NCA contributed immediately following the tragedy that took place October 1, 2017 @ the I-Heart Country Festival. Two full car loads of food, water and other needed items were donated. The NCA has also donated $1,000.00 to the Go Fund Me account to help victims and their families.
  • During the Legislative session this year there was the DC vs PT 's bill regarding adjustment(s). We will not recap the fight against the Physical Therapy Association and their licensing board in their effort to be able to provide our adjustment,”Grade V Mobilization with a thrust.” Without the efforts of the NCA, our lobbyist, the CPBN’s President, Dr. Ben Lurie and their Lobbyists and attorney, we would have lost! We make this statement knowing full and well that we won this battle, but this particular war will go on. We also must state that there were many legislators and senators who were on the Pt’s side which in itself is very alarming. We must stay vigilant in this matter.

2018 Accomplishments:

This year the NCA has provided the following seminars:

1.      Rehabilitation Seminar, Las Vegas 16 hours

2.      Ethics/Boundaries, Las Vegas/Reno 8 hours

3.      Medicare Coding/Billing, Las Vegas/Reno 8 hours 

4.      Personal Injury and Management, Reno 12 hours

5.  Upper extremity injuries, Diagnosis and Management, Las Vegas (25th Anniversary) 12 hours

6.      Chiropractic Assistant Review Courses, January and July, Las Vegas 5 hours each

Total of Seminar Hours:    68 Hours

Additionally, the NCA began a student scholarship fund for a Nevadan attending a chiropractic college. The NCA also will offer CA review courses twice yearly in Reno, starting in 2019.

Doctors you have asked and the NCA has delivered. Please support and join the NCA. Remember the NCA is the only organization in Nevada looking out for your interests.

Be part of the NCA !!! Please call us at 702-233-2288 and we will fax or email you the application. Please fill out the application and email it to or fax it to 702-642-2448. 

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